Spooky Time & Other Dates

Hey Gang

Remember to bring a snack to share and your spookiest alter-ego to practice tomorrow. We’ll be rehearsing without a break until approximately 11:20 to allow time for our Halloween social in the back end of our rehearsal space before the string quartet shows up at 12:30. Your fellow chorister Lori has some party games up her sleeve, best costume prizes are to be had, and our choir leaders will rev up the fun with some popular Halloween tunes. Scary, very scary.

Friday November 10th. The now infamous James Street Art Crawl now includes you. We’ve been invited to perform at Christ’s Church Cathedral. Time and details to follow. Sign up sheets at the front desk tomorrow.

Saturday Dec 2nd. End of Term/Christmas Concert and Bake Sale. Bring yourself, your handmade stuff (edible or otherwise), your extended family – heck, your entire social circle is welcome!

Your contributions of time and/or legal tender are what allows us to carry on. It takes resources to make something as special as Hamilton Sings happen – and believe me, these resources are not funding a Malibu beach house. Music, rehearsal space, professional choir direction, must all be paid for – so sign up to help out, and/or shell out.. Our Treasurer Tom Ciancone would be most happy to meet you.

Did somebody mention blueberries? Canadian grown, antioxidant-laden, purple orbs of deliciousness? Rumor has it that we members of the choir may have an in on some 5lb bags of frozen berries at a very attractive price but I’ll let Jill expand on this delightful possibility tomorrow .

A non-affiliated group of singers who just can’t seem to get enough, The Sunshine Singers, meet a couple of times a month for practice at noon in HARRP’s downstairs lounge and invite you to join in. The Sunshine Singers lead a singalong on the last Wednesday of every month (excluding December, July, and August) from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at the Baywoods long term care facility, located at the corner of Victoria and Main. We were there this past Wednesday and the big hit was Witch Doctor – who knew such gyrating could be done in a mobility device? Awesome..

Hoping to be petrified by you all tomorrow.


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

Brenda’s Updates

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