AGM is Coming!

Tomorrow is our last “official” Choral Connections for this session, so come out and we’ll sing through some of the songs we’ve covered since January.

What a Calming Mantra

Fellow Earthlings, The earth the air the fire the water return return return return. The earth the air the fire the water return return return return.

Solstice Carol Project & a Treat

Hi Everyone, Our long anticipated choir video project of Solstice Carol is at hand. Marija has kindly sent you all the details and here’s a reminder of our current time lines:

Video Project Update & Sign-up Details

Hello Songsters! On behalf of Sue and Hanna, I am excited to be reaching out with details about the Solstice Carol video project that’s been announced at the last couple of Choral Connections and in Brenda’s weekly news digest.

The Vowel Called E

Hey Gang – Last week we learned more about that vowel called E and it’s special relationship with falsetto and the chest register. We had fun with The Earth Is Our Mother, Tiny Perfect Moles, Skye Boat Song, Maid on the Shore, Butterfly, and others. Shape notes and ideal choir section ratios were also discussed. Plans are developing now to make tomorrow just as interesting, so don’t be late!

“It’s my bank account Doc.”

Hi Everybody Psssst! Is anybody out there? I’m stuck in a Covid-19 head fog and can barely tell if I’m breathing. . .   Not to make light of the suffering of the sick and those overwhelmed by their care and welfare – that’s all too real.

Little Bunnies

Hello Everyone Thank heavens we get to see each other at tomorrow’s Choral Connection, cause you ain’t gonna meet your buddies on a restaurant patio are ya? Will this lockdown ever end? I can barely remember what a dinner party is like, or a coffee date with good friends at close proximity.

Double Sledder Lad

Good Day All! Now that you’re all rested up, you’ll have the surplus energy to give it your all at our first Choral Connection of the second half of our winter term tomorrow at 10 am. Bill Nesbitt will continue his Newfoundland kitchen party series and

AH – OO – AH – AY – EE – OH – OO

AH – OO – AH – AY – EE – OH – OO Everyone: No, you’re not hearing the local prowling ally cat. No, you haven’t dropped your iPad on your foot. And no, your mother-in-law isn’t at your front door.

Some Dates to Remember

Hey kids It’s Friday already??!!?? It’s a Covid time warp, I’m tellin’ ya. Between struggling to keep a business afloat in these challenging times and indulging my instinct to sleep/hibernate for 10 hours a night, there’s barely any time left.

The Sight Reading Workshop

Hello Everyone: Alas, I was unable to attend last Saturday’s session myself, but my spies tell me it was an especially uplifting engagement. I’d provide more details however,

Bill Nesbitt & Tickle Cove Pond

Hey there! We’ve got something special planned for tomorrow – our own Bill Nesbitt is going to introduce us to Tickle Cove Pond, a now almost iconic tune that’ll transport you to the rocky shores of Bonavista Bay Newfoundland, where the weather is continually changeable but the people are always warm.