Hamilton Sings! is for adults and older youth.  There is NO audition to join the choir. Once you are in the choir, you are IN.

But for Each and Every Term, You Have to Register Below

Every year, there are two terms or sessions.

  • The first term runs from September to December, ending with our Winter Concert.
  • The second term runs from January to April, ending with our Spring Concert.

In order to get ready for the term—to prepare the quantity of sheet music, sign-in sheets etc.—the choir leaders need to know who will be in each choir. Each term, you must register:

  • To confirm that you are returning to the choir, or
  • To join the choir for the first time.

Fees for a Growing Choir

Hamilton Sings! is growing, and we’re building a sustainable model so that current and future choristers can keep on singing. We want our professional music leaders to continue to devote their time to the choir, and be properly compensated for their efforts.

To ensure our growth and sustainability, choir members voted to have a fee for each term:

  • $125 for September to December
  • $175 for January to May

This money goes towards:

  • The cost of music
  • Honoraria for the directors
  • Concert hall rental

… and other expenses. Singers who can not afford to pay this fee will NOT be turned away, and will be welcome to contribute to our fundraising in other ways.

For e-transfers, please send to

We are committed to ensuring that everyone can participate, so the fees are on a “sliding scale.” Slide up as high as you are able, or slide down to whatever you can contribute. We will continue to hold fundraising events to complement our fee structure.

Membership Makes a Great Gift!

Do you know someone who loves to sing and would like to join the choir, but perhaps cannot manage it financially? Give them the gift of song! Register them as a gift.

  • Payments and donations can be made by cheque or cash at rehearsals, or online by e-transfer payments.
  • For e-transfers, please send to

Register for the Hamilton Sings! Saturday Choir

Rehearsals for the regular Saturday choir are on Saturday mornings from 9:45 a.m. to 12 noon. Rehearsals take place at St. Peter’s HARRRP, 705 Main St. E., Hamilton, Ontario.

  • No musical experience is required for the Saturday choir.
  • Our new term for the Saturday choir begins on Saturday, January 12th, from 9:45 – 12:00 noon, and continues weekly through to May 4, 2019.
  • Registration for the term closes after the second week of rehearsal, at 6:00 PM on Saturday, January 19.
Fill out my online form.
Please Note:

After you complete the registration form, you will be redirected to a voluntary, anonymous survey about your experience with choir.

Choir Updates

Now on the Site for Choir Members

Click to listen
  • The Earth the Air the Fire the Water: YouTube video, middle sopranos, tenors and high sopranos.
  • Print Your Own Posters & Binder Covers
  • Hear the Raindrops Fall
  • The Ghost of Oak Island: recording from a previous practice.
  • The Water is Wide: Full song plus which bars to pay special attention to.
  • She the Sea: Soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts by Hanna. Plus melody and original harmony sung together.
  • Stone & Sand: Melody plus soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts
  • I Love the Rain: Video from workshop with Brendan Taafe Oct 15-16, 2016
  • In een blauwgeruite kiel: New spoken version, all three verses sung afresh, history, and pronunciation

  • Solen: Pronunciation, spoken, and all parts sung
  • Me Too: Soprano & bass, alto & bass, tenor & bass. Link to Carol’s Sound Cloud version
  • Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night): pronunciation, spoken, and sung
  • Brilliant Stars: Melody, chorus and bridge – all parts. Melody and lyrics.
  • Nana: soprano, tenor, bass
  • Solstice Carol: Melody – Verse One; Tenor – Verse Two; Soprano – Verse Three
  • Hanna’s Fall Playlist: Link to YouTube

Our Fundraising Target for 2019

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