Illuminated by a Fierce Light!

Hey Gang. 

Spring has sprung and I just finished a walk through Laking Gardens. Saw a blue heron, a red-winged blackbird, a red-headed woodpecker, and almost got mugged by a flock of chickadees. Here’s the choir current events  – now illuminated by a fierce light!

DRESS REHEARSAL SATURDAY APRIL 28TH at 8:45 a.m., Christ’s Church Cathedral, 252 James Street North (near Barton)., church parking as well as city lot parking are available on the east side of the Church on Hughson St. 

Of course you’ll  have your music in a non-noisy folder and in concert order. Test-drive your shoes for comfort, as there’s no sitting down for you buddy.

HAMILTON SINGS SPRING CONCERT “FIERCE LIGHT”, Christ’s Church Cathedral, Sunday April 29th, 1:00 p.m arrival for choir members, warm-up starts at 1:15, doors for public at 2:15, concert start at 3pm, $10/person or $30 family of 3+, sliding scale

Wear those comfortable shoes you tested out Saturday and don whatever makes you feel like God’s gift to the world. Make sure you’ve needled your friends and family to bring cash so they can invest mightily in our gift basket raffle items.


Here’s hoping all of you can make a contribution of some non-messy, hand held munchies, to be shared with attendees at our post-concert reception. Don’t forget that not all of us have a sweet tooth, so savory items are as much appreciated as your Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies. Including an ingredients list can also make life easier for those of us with allergies/intolerances. We will not be offering any beverage service; however guests are permitted to bring along a bottle of something… But leave the hooch at home!

Additionally – and this is important – please be prepared to take any leftovers, as well as the containers they came in, HOME WITH YOU. We’d like this to be a zero-imprint event for the generous souls who maintain the cathedral.


After 10:30 am, debrief with your fellow singers while adding to the librarian’s workload, feel free to bring along some munchies to share

See you all bright and early at the cathedral tomorrow.
Brenda Atkinson
Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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