What You Can Expect

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our regular in-person Saturday Choir sessions have been cancelled.

Instead, we are having autumn’s Choral Connections online via Zoom, from Saturday September 18 until Saturday, December 18. You are invited to join us at 10:00 on Saturdays. Contact hamiltonsings@gmail.com to join these sessions.

We will return to in-person sessions as soon as we can… safely.

In normal times—and hopefully in post-COVID times—sessions go like this:

When you enter the Sherman Boys and Girls Club (formerly St. Peter’s HARRRP), you’ll see a beautiful church interior, and a registration table. There, you sign in, and then collect the music for the day. Best to get there a bit early, say around 9:45.

People mill about, chatting, introducing themselves, and everyone’s excited about singing. Chairs are usually arranged in semi-circles down at the altar end of the church.

The bass singers are closest to the altar, then the tenors and the altos, with the sopranos furthest away from the altar. Find the section where you think you might fit in, and say “Hello!”

Some members stand behind their section, so they can slide over to the next section if a particular piece of music is too high or too low for their voice. You’re not stuck to one place—it’s whatever best suits your voice.

At 10:00, Sue or Hanna will start the choir off with warmup and voice building exercises. Then it’s on to the first song. There may be sheet music, or you may learn by simple repetition. In any case, your fellow singers are there to help.

We’ll take a break mid-morning, hear some announcements, and finish up around 12:15.