Concert Time Draws Near

Well folks, concert time draws very near. Are you pumped yet? We’ve got a lot to do, read on:

1.      Voice files. Use ‘em. Internalize those elusive words, pitches, and beats.

2.      Music folders. Get ‘em. And put those sheets in the concert order (subject to change) as follows:

  1. Sho Sholosa
  2. 1,2,1,(fun rote exercise)
  3. Panther
  4. Minun Kultani Kaunas On
  5. Tourdion
  6. Ver Mee O
  7. The Trees of the Field
  8. Come, Love Away
  9. The Sun Comes (Morning Time)
  10. Matlakala
  11. Sumer Is Icumen In
  12. Sho Sholosa (reprise)

3.  Gift baskets. Fill ‘em. Keep in mind that an itemized list of the baskets’ contents will need to be on hand. I’m bringing the wicker baskets tomorrow for sure.

4.  Hand-held treats for post-concert reception. Make ‘em. Both savory and sweet are good!

5.  Concert volunteers, We need ‘em. The following is a rough list of the tasks involved:

  • Reception/Ushers – say hi to concert goers and point them in the right direction
  • Ticket sellers – take the dough and distribute concert programs
  • Raffle ticket sellers – take more dough and talk up those beauties on the raffle table
  • Hospitality table – set up the goodies for the reception, then tear down.

Try to remind your invited guests to bring that old-fashioned thing called CASH. In this age of digital commerce, people tend to rely solely on their bank cards. Ask anybody who lived through the Quebec ice storm a few years back what happens when the grid goes down…

Be aware that street parking beside HARRRP has switched to the east side of St. Clair. You don’t want to give your hard won money to parking infraction officers – why do all those guys bear an uncanny resemblance to Gollum? Precious…

Methinks the red red robins are finally, finally, bob bob bobbin’ along. Whoo hoo!


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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