Board of Directors 2019-2020

President and Chair
Tibor Bocz
Term: 2019-2021
Tom Ciancone
Term: 2019-2021
Haley Reap
Term: 2019-2021

Terri Bocz
Term: 2019-2021

Anna Camara (Balen)
Term: 2019-2021

Tony Carlson
Term: 2019-2021

Bob Edmonds
Term: 2019-2021

Marija Kupina
Term: 2018-2020

Andrea Kurzfield
Term: 2019-2021

Eric Matto
Term: 2019-2021

Susan Noakes
Term: 2019-2021

Music Directors and Ex-officio

Hanna Beck Mathieson
Music Director and Ex-officio

Susan Crowe Connolly
Founder, Music Director and Ex-officio

Choir Updates

Now on the Site for Choir Members

Click to listen
  • The Earth the Air the Fire the Water: YouTube video, middle sopranos, tenors and high sopranos.
  • Print Your Own Posters & Binder Covers
  • Hear the Raindrops Fall
  • The Ghost of Oak Island: recording from a previous practice.
  • The Water is Wide: Full song plus which bars to pay special attention to.
  • She the Sea: Soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts by Hanna. Plus melody and original harmony sung together.
  • Stone & Sand: Melody plus soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts
  • I Love the Rain: Video from workshop with Brendan Taafe Oct 15-16, 2016
  • In een blauwgeruite kiel: New spoken version, all three verses sung afresh, history, and pronunciation

  • Solen: Pronunciation, spoken, and all parts sung
  • Me Too: Soprano & bass, alto & bass, tenor & bass. Link to Carol’s Sound Cloud version
  • Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night): pronunciation, spoken, and sung
  • Brilliant Stars: Melody, chorus and bridge – all parts. Melody and lyrics.
  • Nana: soprano, tenor, bass
  • Solstice Carol: Melody – Verse One; Tenor – Verse Two; Soprano – Verse Three
  • Hanna’s Fall Playlist: Link to YouTube

Our Fundraising Target for 2019

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