A Concert Well Done!

Congratulations on a concert well done!

My hubby, an unapologetic critic of everything, was unreserved in his praise – “the best concert yet” were his very words. The after-party buzzed with excitement from choristers and audience alike. Pat yourselves on the back – you’re in the choral adult class now.

From where I was standing, it looked like we drew a good crowd. Thanks again to the 5 individuals who took charge of the gift basket initiative. Thanks again to Jenny, our fearless concert co-ordinator, for pulling it all together in the end. Thanks again to our choir directors Hanna and Sue for wringing the best out of our diverse membership. Thanks again to the Hamilton Sings board of directors for putting in the necessary hours on administration and institution building. And ultimately, thanks again to you – you, that lone voice made mighty when united with kindred spirits every Saturday morning.  Adele may be big, but you guys are massive.

We’ve got a last bit of business to take care of before the term really ends . . . . SHEET MUSIC RETURN and social, this Saturday May 5th starting at 10:15 pm at HARRRP. Somebody is bringing some muffins, so bring along your morning coffee and if the mood strikes you, additional snacks to share. We’ll chat about this past term, our current lives, and future terms to come, all while sorting sheaves of music scores. Our librarian Susan looks forward to your assistance. I’ll be hovering with the label-maker in hand – and will need help spelling almost everything.

Hugs to all you fine, fine people,

Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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  • She the Sea: Soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts by Hanna. Plus melody and original harmony sung together.
  • Stone & Sand: Melody plus soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts
  • I Love the Rain: Video from workshop with Brendan Taafe Oct 15-16, 2016
  • In een blauwgeruite kiel: New spoken version, all three verses sung afresh, history, and pronunciation

  • Solen: Pronunciation, spoken, and all parts sung
  • Me Too: Soprano & bass, alto & bass, tenor & bass. Link to Carol’s Sound Cloud version
  • Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night): pronunciation, spoken, and sung
  • Brilliant Stars: Melody, chorus and bridge – all parts. Melody and lyrics.
  • Nana: soprano, tenor, bass
  • Solstice Carol: Melody – Verse One; Tenor – Verse Two; Soprano – Verse Three
  • Hanna’s Fall Playlist: Link to YouTube

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