We will return to live sessions

Hamilton Sings! will return to live Saturday sessions, likely on or around Sept 17, 2022. The exact details will be announced this summer.
Our new home will be Bennetto Community Centre, on Hughson Street North. When the time comes, City staff will check everyone’s vaccination status, so get ready, and get up to date.

Welcome to

Hamilton Sings! Community Choir

We are a non-audition, mixed-voice choir for adults and older youth. Our members may be new to singing or to choirs, or they may bring lots of musical experience. Everyone wants a fun and friendly place to make music together.

There is no audition! Choir membership includes healthy, functional voice coaching, and musical skills development.

Hamilton Sings welcomes its newest sponsor!

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Our home, the Sherman Boys and Girls Club, is closed for the forseeable future. So we cannot rehearse there again until circumstances change.

Hamilton Sings! spring concert, “Songs of Canada at 150 Plus” took place at Christ’s Church Cathedral, James St N. in Hamilton. This selection, Dave Gould’s “Starlight Tours”, was performed by Dave, accompanied by the choir and Stephen Fuller on violin.

Brenda’s Updates

AGM 2022

Most honourable fellow choristers: As promised, courtesy of your hard working board Secretary Marija Kupina, please find attached the documentation needed for your informed attendance at this year’s Hamilton Sings Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday May 28th, 2022, 10 am via Zoom (meeting link below).

Me Luv Cookies!

Newfoundland cookies and squares are still available for sale but not for long. We will be taking orders until tomorrow December 11th (or until 30 boxes have sold), and Bill Nesbitt will deliver them on December 16th and 17th on his recumbent bicycle.

And then there were NONE!

And then there were NONE! . . . Many thanks again to all of you who participated in our bi-annual Nova Scotia blueberries fundraiser. The last of our “just in case” stash got sold last week and now we can all concentrate on eating them. And if life wasn’t good enough already, we’ve got more goodies for sale courtesy of fellow chorister Bill Nesbitt:

And then there was ONE!

And then there was ONE! . . . Yes, one singular, sole, lonely bag of delicious frozen Nova Scotia blueberries, pining for a new home. Let us know if this bag now belongs to you, yeah you. The deal remains the same: $22 for a 2K bag, delivered.

Just Two

And then there were two . . . Bags of blueberries left, languishing in an organizer’s freezer, pining for ownership. As the festive baking season approaches and house guests descend like hungry locusts, thank heavens you made the right decision and made the purchase.

More Blues!

Hi Everybody: If you have cause to regret that you didn’t get your hands on some of those delicious Nova Scotia wild blueberries. . . Rejoice! Turns out we have a 4 bag surplus available for sale.