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Hamilton Sings! Community Choir

We are a non-audition, mixed-voice choir for adults and older youth. Our members may be new to singing or to choirs, or they may bring lots of musical experience. Everyone wants a fun and friendly place to make music together.

There is no audition! Choir membership includes healthy, functional voice coaching, and musical skills development.

Saturday Choir

Fall 2021 Choral Connections

Sue Crowe Connolly and Hanna Bech Mathieson have guided Hamilton Sings since 2013. Though the pandemic kept us absent from our traditional rehearsal space at the Hamilton Boys and Girls Club, Sue and Hanna kept the choir singing together via Zoom. No small feat! And now, Sue and Hanna are both moving on to new musical challenges.

The choir will begin this Fall 2021 season on Saturday, September 18, at 10:00-12:00, via Zoom. And Zoom will be our meeting place until Public Health gives us good guidelines for choir gatherings. Board members are researching potential locations, but no location can be responsibly chosen without solid guidelines. If you have an idea for a good location, please let a board member know about it.

For the Fall 2021 Session, Hamilton Sings will welcome our two new choir leaders, Emma Colette Moss and Piper Hayes. Choir will begin again on September 18. Watch this space for news about our co-directors, and more on the choir’s fall music schedule.

Hamilton Sings welcomes its newest sponsor!

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Our home, the Sherman Boys and Girls Club, is closed for the forseeable future. So we cannot rehearse there again until circumstances change.

Hamilton Sings! spring concert, “Songs of Canada at 150 Plus” took place at Christ’s Church Cathedral, James St N. in Hamilton. This selection, Dave Gould’s “Starlight Tours”, was performed by Dave, accompanied by the choir and Stephen Fuller on violin.

Denise & Brenda’s Updates

Repertoire & Anatomy

Hello fellow Choristers! Our first choral session went swimmingly, in my humble opinion, with a wonderful workshop by our co-choral directors, Piper and Emma. In this week’s session, we will be continuing with our repertoire from last week, and engaging in even more music theory, and we will dive deeper into vocal anatomy,

Can’t Wait to See Everyone

Hello Choristers! The fall 2021 Zoom choral sessions will commence this Saturday, September 18th, at 10 am. We can’t wait to see everyone! A Message of Welcome from Emma and Piper, our new Choir Co-Directors.

We’re Back!

Hello Choristers The fall 2021 Zoom choral sessions will commence on Saturday September 18th at 10 am. If you intend to participate and/or would like to continue receiving these weekly updates – YOU MUST REGISTER

AGM is Coming!

Tomorrow is our last “official” Choral Connections for this session, so come out and we’ll sing through some of the songs we’ve covered since January.

What a Calming Mantra

Fellow Earthlings, The earth the air the fire the water return return return return. The earth the air the fire the water return return return return.

Solstice Carol Project & a Treat

Hi Everyone, Our long anticipated choir video project of Solstice Carol is at hand. Marija has kindly sent you all the details and here’s a reminder of our current time lines: