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Hamilton Sings! Community Choir

We are a non-audition, mixed-voice choir for adults and older youth. Our members may be new to singing or to choirs, or they may bring lots of musical experience. Everyone wants a fun and friendly place to make music together.

There is no audition! Choir membership includes healthy, functional voice coaching, and musical skills development.

Saturday Choir

Saturday’s Choral Connections

Sue Crowe Connolly and Hanna Bech Mathieson have prepared a winter 2021 season of song, delivered to your home and desktop through Zoom technology. Though temporarily absent from our traditional rehearsal space of the Hamilton Boys and Girls Club, we’re delighted to take a virtual and vital place in your living room.

Some highlights of our 2021 winter program:

  • Real connections with your music-loving friends
  • Focus on musical skill building at your own pace
  • Explore various musical traditions such as Quebec music history & culture
  • Dynamic instruction includes possible workshops led by local and international artists
  • Member access to instructional materials includes voice files and sheet music

Rehearsals commence on Saturday, January 23rd at 10:00 AM, and continue until Saturday, March 13th. As usual, the first rehearsal is open to all interested individuals, after which registration will be closed to members only.

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Choral Connections
Winter 2021

New session material arrives weekly…

January 23

Hamilton Sings welcomes its newest sponsor!

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Our home, the Sherman Boys and Girls Club, is closed for the forseeable future. So we cannot rehearse there again until circumstances change.
On Saturday mornings from September to March, Hanna and Sue lead choir members in the Choral Connections sessions, with warmups, a sing-along, and some new music.

The Musical Home of our Saturday Choir
Sherman Boys and Girls Club
(formerly St. Peter’s HARRRP)
705 Main St E, Hamilton

Hamilton Sings! spring concert, “Songs of Canada at 150 Plus” took place at Christ’s Church Cathedral, James St N. in Hamilton. This selection, Dave Gould’s “Starlight Tours”, was performed by Dave, accompanied by the choir and Stephen Fuller on violin.

Brenda’s Updates

A Winter Term Hybrid

Itching to get back to your favourite pastime and each other? After an analysis of the recent member survey results, a winter term hybrid has been created due to the uncertainties posed by that pesky virus that dominated our lives in 2020.

Questions About December 5

Hey Dear Singers We’re nearing the conclusion of this term and we’ve got questions for you: Would you like to sing some seasonal tunes on our end of term session December 5th? – that’s a week from tomorrow if you can believe how time flies!

Whoa man, I’m full!

Hey Singers Well, we’ve all got something to look forward to at our Choral Connection November 21st, Covid-19 year 2020. Forced to be apart for the greater good, we get to come together

An Addiction

Dear Songsters I have a confession to make – I’m a harmony junkie. Yes, it’s true. And I got a fix this past Saturday when I heard Sue sing the other 3 parts of Tula while I stuck with the Soprano II part that I know fairly well. Harmony resonated in my bones

The Link Remains the Same

Greetings Fellow Choristers Take note that the zoom link to our Saturday Choral Connection now remains the same for every meeting. If you cannot find the link that morning, you can reach out for some help at hamiltonsings@gmail.com no later than 9:30 am

Creepy Choristers

Creepy Choristers In our ghostly past last Saturday, we ran through some warm ups, Rise up Old Flame, Tula, Lilly’s Fair, Fire in Your Heart, and Falling. Nice to see Hanna back in the saddle, err, I mean back at her piano again.